Pilot/Escorts drivers require state certifications to protect YOU and YOURS!

Whether it’s an 800,000 lbs retired nuclear reactor head or an 8 lbs newborn on the way home from the hospital, understanding how to protect precious cargo on the roads is not something the each State entity takes lightly. State mandated certifications for pilot/escort car drivers is becoming more common and very specific.

We are all responsible.

It’s no secret that oversized loads are in the way; they are big, attract attention, are usually moving pretty slow, and the stakes are incredibly high. So, why wouldn’t you want certified professionals who are experts in understanding how to mitigate the numerous risks in front of and behind these loads at all times?

The training for this certification program was developed by a collaboration of industry specialists and law enforcement representatives, and few are authorized to deliver the comprehensive content and format.

Interested in what is being taught to protect your load?

This video may have you surprised.