Often we lose sight of our accomplishments and how we compare to our competitors, customers, and vendors.  We know our own safety rating and the number of incidents and accidents that occur. What we don’t know is the safety rating and performance of others. It’s all in the numbers.

It takes an outside organization that does have access to the numbers to tell us that compared to 675 others across the country we are the best.  We have received the highest recognition for our year-end preventable accident results, which we had zero! Perkins STC just received notification that we have been awarded the Platinum National Safety Award for Outstanding Achievement In Highway Traffic Safety for 2013.

The priority of safety is the theme and focus of every new employee’s orientation.  The safety ‘baton’ is then picked up by the field supervisor and lead person and we ‘run with it’ through the conduct and performance that is demonstrated by each person in the field, as well as fleet services, fabrication, and assembly areas of our organization. Safety is the responsibility of every person.

Our continuous improvement program enables us to learn from near misses and helps to prevent them in happening in the future. Here we are recognized for implementing our improvements and demonstrating from the lessons learned that we safeguard the wellbeing of our people, third parties, and the general public.   It takes everyone to STAY SAFE – thank you!