Moving heavy and extremely over-dimensional cargo is the sole focus of Perkins STC. Every load we move throughout North America is supported by sound engineering practices, high standards for excellence in the office and in the field, and using high-quality, well-maintained tools to safely and efficiently get the job done right the first time. These were some of the reasons Perkins was selected by a major industrial boiler manufacturer to move a series of five D-style boilers for them into northern Alberta to be used to support living conditions in that region's harsh winter climate. While not particularly heavy at only 178,000 lbs each, the boiler's physical characteristics provided their own challenges.

Since the package boilers were far too large to haul in their normal upright orientation, each of the 43' - 6" long boilers had to be laid down on its side to produce a transport width of 20' - 11" and a height of 16' - 6" for its 1,678-mile trip from Nebraska to northern Alberta. This orientation change allowed the boiler's asymmetrical center of gravity to be moved to a lower and to more central location in the hauling configuration. While the manufacturer was still in early phases of design for this series of boilers, Perkins' engineering allowed the manufacturer to incorporate alterations to the design to self-load at the factory using the vertical stroke of the hydraulic towers at each end of Perkins' dual lane loading suspension girder system. Once loaded and secured at the factory, Perkins safely and carefully supported each boiler during transport to Fort McMurray, AB where it was self-unloaded upon arrival. Because Perkins was able to self-unload into the job site's lay down yard, the end user's construction schedule was allowed to become more flexible and the cost of 'just-in-time' heavy lift crane offloading was eliminated.

Another key factor allowing Perkins to earn this business was our design, fabrication, and installation of a 3-point load support system that was integrated into our manufactured high girder suspension systems. This innovation allows Perkins to eliminate the potential for torsional forces that may be transferred from a loaded transporter directly into the cargo when moving across uneven surfaces in normal transport operations. The implementation of the 3-point load support system provided a stability triangle for each boiler allowing the transporter to move across uneven road surfaces without twisting the cargo secured within our girders. Yet another reason to select us for your next super-heavy or extremely over-dimensional load.