As U.S. nuclear power plants rush to replace their reactor vessel heads, Perkins' equipment is delivering, as promised, these valuable and critical components. This 214,000 lb assembly was hauled from the Port of Houston, TX to Kewaunee Nuclear Station in Carlton, WI. Months of planning and engineering for our experienced crews and proper equipment made short, safe work of the 2,900+ mile journey in just 13 days.

EVERYTHING we do is OVERSIZE. Even our empty trailer requires proper oversize signage and travel permits before being transported to Houston to pick up a reactor head at the Port. Once there, the barge uses its crane to offload the cargo. The fully assembled trailer has been custom fit for each pieces months in advance and crews have been provided specific details regarding the load securement and positioning for success travel on the pre-approved permitted route. Off-loading at the plant requires portable cranes to unload the cargo for installation.