Focus has proven to be a key to success for Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting over the years. We focus only on the largest components whenever we review bid opportunities to ensure that we present our “best foot forward”, a competitive price on the specific items on which we are expert and most competent to handle. Perkins has a long and rich history in the transportation industry that began way back in 1945. Since that time, the company has moved all manner of cargo over the road using legal and specialized highway transporters. While Perkins would have no problems in effectively managing the receipt and delivery of a packing list full of cargo to be moved by the Perkins team alongside a myrid of other companies, that is not our focus, not our core competency!

“Well, what does that exactly mean”, you might ask.  It’s a fair and often asked question.  Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting, Inc. narrowly focuses on moving cargo throughout North America that is too big for a dimensional clearance from rail carriers and/or exceeds the hauling capacity of a typical, and increasingly common, 19-axle highway transporter. “Oversize” just like our newsletter describes! When a PSTC representative looks at a project cargo transportation opportunity, rest assured that the items that we’ll chase will be carefully selected and expertly executed if placed into our care. We will have already considered regulatory issues like “Alternate Means of Conveyance” statutes that many states enforce that require barge and rail alternatives be exhausted before they issue highway hauling permits. Perkins will have already considered maximum load heights and gross vehicle weight limitations in the states and/or provinces that the load must travel through to reach its destination. Because of PSTC’s single-minded focus on dimensional & heavy highway transport, we often already have a frequently ran high and wide corridor in mind to move your load across the USA and a pretty good idea of what its going to take to get your biggest moves delivered. Our modern and carefully specified heavy haul equipment is operated by experienced, well-trained professionals and technically supported by PSTC’s excellent maintenance staff, permit specialists and its engineering department. As a huge benefit to you, Perkins can typically move your cargo quicker than any other company in the nation with its impressive safety record to back it up. We move oversized, overweight cargo - period. So you see, for Perkins, size really does matter and it should matter to you, too!