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Turning Challenges

When our modular trailers make a turn all the components of the trailer must work together and these situations really showcase that, as you will see from the video below. The direction of travel, the size of the load, any obstructions, such as traffic lights, medians, wires, and bridges give yet another dimension to consider when planning a route and executing a load.

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Width Challenges

During a 17-day timeframe, Perkins field and operations professionals successfully moved a new Yankee dryer manufactured in Germany from the Port of Houston, TX to a greenfield tissue paper plant in Bear River City, UT.

Torsion Challenges

Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting previously moved 87 process and pipe rack modules from two Texas fabrication facilities located in Abilene, TX and Corpus Christi, TX respectively, to a west Texas gas processing plant near Fort Stockton. Although the modules weights ranged from a mere 29,687 lbs up to 237,000 lbs, the highway transportation of the bulky modules all had common issues that Perkins overcame with sound engineering and superior equipment.

Feasibility Challenges

A Canadian logistics company was contracted by an Alberta electric utility to transport a fully assembled IP/LP steam turbine from an ocean terminal warehouse in Norfolk, CA for a power plant site in southern Alberta. The project began when a Virginia-based rigging and transportation company was contracted by the client to move the turbine from storage, roll it onto a heavy-duty deck barge, and have it delivered to the Port of Duluth on Lake Superior.

Unexpected Challenges

The Perkins Team was put to the test when hauling permits had been approved, one transporter had arrived to load, while another was en route for 5 big modules. Upon arrival it was discovered that the modules were taller and heavier than expected - in fact as much as 1' - 0" taller and 20% heavier than anticipated.

Timeline Challenges

Perkins was contracted when an IL vessel fabricator needed to move a 270,000 lb grain-processing vessel to Keokuk, IA. Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting is located within 600 miles of almost all these Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and other grain-based plants. And our unique transport equipment allows us to move large vessels through states with the most stringent superload requirements.