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Many to Move Challenges

It is our belief that your use of the QUANTUM™ trailer could profoundly change the way shippers think about the way they design their long and/or delicate fabrications and have them moved throughout North America. The QUANTUM™ hydraulic transporter is designed to handle extremely long and/or wide payloads up for cargo from 160,000 lbs to 240,000 lbs (subject to state/provincial axle loading requirements along the routing). There is no assembly or disassembly required, which is a huge time savings compared to the Goldhofer, which must be assembled prior to mobilization or on site.

Innovation Challenges

Immediately upon arrival from Germany to City Docks in Houston, TX, Perkins set its experienced superintendents and crew with the task of the initial assembly of the latest hydraulic platform trailer innovation available on the international market for moving super-loads over the highways of North America, our Goldhofer dual lane hydraulic trailers!