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Contingency Challenges

Perkins was hired as a subcontractor by Mammoet Canada Western Ltd to move an over-dimensional 209,000 lb reactor vessel from a major Houston, TX fabrication facility to the Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL) Horizon Oil Sands Project near Fort MacKay, AB. With vessel dimensions at 79’ - 0" long, 16’ - 5” wide and 16’ - 10” high, the piece was too dimensionally extreme for rail transportation and had to move over the road.

Unexpected Challenges

The Perkins Team was put to the test when hauling permits had been approved, one transporter had arrived to load, while another was en route for 5 big modules. Upon arrival it was discovered that the modules were taller and heavier than expected - in fact as much as 1' - 0" taller and 20% heavier than anticipated.

Timeline Challenges

Perkins was contracted when an IL vessel fabricator needed to move a 270,000 lb grain-processing vessel to Keokuk, IA. Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting is located within 600 miles of almost all these Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and other grain-based plants. And our unique transport equipment allows us to move large vessels through states with the most stringent superload requirements.