It's more than just a move.

Many elements need to align with precision, power, and performance to satisfy all teams.
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Perkins transported a 400 ton radioactive steam generator over 1,000 miles from southern California to Utah with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 1.6 million lbs. That was the longest distance ever permitted in the U.S. at that weight.

Perkins transports 3 Class 7 containers from a nuclear plant.

The transformer is for a midwest power initiative (CapX2020) to provide 150 miles of more stable voltage across Southern MN. Cargo Weight: 540,000 lbs. | Loaded Weight: 1,200,000 lbs.

MS Dixie finds it's home from LaCrosse, WI to Lake Tahoe, UT in four (4) sections on through one tight tunnel on the Trail King 250 ton Suspension Beam trailer. Haul of the Year 1995.