A brand new Firefall™ Maple tree has been planted outside the Northfield Operations Center (NOC) at Perkins' headquarters in Northfield, MN. The tree was donated by family members on the paternal side to honor the mother of Neil, Dennis, and Dean Perkins.

Vera Perkins passed away earlier this year at the age of 95 and although she will be greatly missed by all who knew her, it is important to remember all the memories and traits she has instilled in those around her for endless years to come.

Why a tree?

Trees represent the continuing cycle of life that connects us with the earth. Vera's body and mind may have left us, but her soul and spirit will forever surround us. As the tree grows and changes colors for centuries we will be reminded of the love she had for her family, the laughs she shared with friends, and the caring nature she spread through giving to others.

Why this Maple?

The maple, in general, is the Tree of Victory, which is symbolic of its placement outside the front doors of the family-owned business. This particular hybrid maple was specifically designed to produce strong branches that are resistant to extreme climates and winds with little to no maintenance, which means it will fit right in around here (1). The maple leaves, as they turn a bright red in early fall will match our company pride and display the significance the maple tree holds to be true, which is the wisdom of balance, promise, and practicality.

Thanks to family that gave us this memorial gift and for cherishing her memory in your heart.