Perkins was featured on Channel 9 News in Marathon County, Wisconsin on July 14th hauling an almost 22' foot tall potash mining tank up to Saskatchewan, Canada. It's always interesting seeing vendors and customers cover our loads because we are so close to these projects that we forget to take a step back to admire the extreme coordination between the crews. Not just our own crews who were praised for their professionalism throughout this project, but also the utility companies, patrol officers, and permit office officials. It really does take dedicated teams committed to the safety of the load and the safety of the public to complete these jobs successfully.

We are fully aware that when we promise turnkey solutions to our customers that we can't do it by ourselves. We rely on our relationships with others by gaining their trust and confidence in us to be safe, be efficient, and be reliable every time. We hope they enjoy working with us as much as we appreciate the hard work we receive from them during all our projects; no matter then length, width, height, or weight. Oversize tank moves through Central Wisconsin.