Now that the job is complete, we want to share with you what we've been up to in a different corner of the country. Since the beginning of September Perkins STC crews were busy hauling a Yankee Dryer from the Port of Houston, TX over to Utah. It took just over a month to haul and the gross vehicle weight of the load, including tractors and trailers was just over 600,000 lbs.

We don't typically like to draw attention to ourselves while out on the road, mainly because we attract it well enough on our own. Our loads are big and well over legal limits and although the work is planned in advanced per state authorities with approved permits, routes, and escort detail; our first priority is safety along with minimal impact to the public and roadway infrastructures throughout an entire project. That can become difficult when we have an added number of unknowns.

That being said, last week we made local news last week in Idaho. We understand from officialsup there that the topic of oversize loads has caused quite a stir because of the oil and refinery fields as of recently. We were happy to inform the states of possible delays so motorists could plan appropriately and stay safe. Safety and preparations are always a priority. Although we do disrupt normal traffic flow sometimes we know we can't do this without the HUGE help from the people of the state, cities, towns, and communities that we move through.

So, a THANK YOU is in order from us to you and yours.