Dave Collins has been driving for over 20 years and has the exceptional record of never having a recordable DOT incident. He began his career as a Heavy Haul Driver with Perkins in 2011 after wanting to take on the challenge of super loads. Dave has pulled a wide variety of equipment carrying an assortment of cargo, including; industrial boilers, hazardous material (Class 7), tanks, generators, transformers, among many others. 

In the summer of 2018 he pulled several Engines with a gross vehicle weight of over 1.3 million pounds on the Perkins 400 ton dual-lane suspension beam trailer through the upper peninsula of Michigan. A project that was over a year in the making.

Dave is a skilled and experienced driver and can pull all of Perkins trailer types. He is a cornerstone driver for Perkins and is the subject matter expert on Perkins’ patented trailer the QUANTUM™. A trailer that require significant attention to detail and the ability to know how to operate all of the complexities of the hydraulic system and valving components. Dave is regularly assigned challenging jobs, consistently executing them safely and without incident. His ability to communicate effectively with all levels of the project team, including customers, Project Managers, and peers, sets him apart and makes him an integral company asset. 

We are so proud of Dave and honored to have him as part of the Perkins family.