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Length Challenges

Perkins was contracted by a leading international supplier of industrial gases to move four (4) cryogenic storage tanks from a fabricator in Mont Belvieu, TX to Dawson Creek, BC. The first pair of storage tanks were transported together and all four were moved safely and to the satisfaction of our client during AB spring road bans.  

Width Challenges

During a 17-day timeframe, Perkins field and operations professionals successfully moved a new Yankee dryer manufactured in Germany from the Port of Houston, TX to a greenfield tissue paper plant in Bear River City, UT.

Height Challenges

Perkins was contacted by a repeat customer, a major logistics company and freight forwarder in Houston, TX requesting that we consider moving various sections of three (3) coker units to Houston, TX for export to a Middle Eastern oil refinery.

Weight Challenges

Perkins was contracted by a California utility to move four (4) steam generator sections with dimensions of 46’ 4” length, 15’ 6” width, 14’ 5” height, and a weight of 760,335 lbs from CA to UT. To accomplish the task, Perkins developed the “Road Train” transporter, a Trail King 800 suspension system with 48 dual lane loading hydraulic/gas bogies. Conceived and initially designed by Perkins project managers and engineers, “Road Train” was professionally built by a major US trailer manufacturer for the project.

Superload Challenges

Perkins representatives routinely use a consultative sales approach by intent. When we receive inquiries for opportunities that are better suited for others, we frequently recommend other member companies of the Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association (SC&RA) with whom we are familiar that might be a better fit for your work. We simply want to be your first call for all of your superload opportunities; your “biggest and ugliest” cargo moves!

Routing Challenges

The project was straightforward and planned months in advance: move two (2) identical D-type boilers that measured 47' - 3" long, 20' - 0" wide, 16' - 4" height, and weight 240,000 lbs. Using a pair of Perkins' dual lane loading suspensions systems we were to haul them from Lincoln, NE through Iowa and Minnesota and deliver them into downtown Madison WI to the University right after Spring Road Restrictions were lifted in MN and WI. While certainly not an easy set of moves, they were, relatively speaking, a typical project for Perkins. Then the flood came.

Many to Move Challenges

It is our belief that your use of the QUANTUM™ trailer could profoundly change the way shippers think about the way they design their long and/or delicate fabrications and have them moved throughout North America. The QUANTUM™ hydraulic transporter is designed to handle extremely long and/or wide payloads up for cargo from 160,000 lbs to 240,000 lbs (subject to state/provincial axle loading requirements along the routing). There is no assembly or disassembly required, which is a huge time savings compared to the Goldhofer, which must be assembled prior to mobilization or on site.

Special Handling Challenges

Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting was pleased to have been contracted to provide transportation of these Advance Gun System gun mount assemblies to Bath, ME for this important defense project. The first of the four AGS gun mount assemblies was built in Fridley, MN and was delivered to the West Desert Test Center at Dugway Proving Grounds located 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, UT for test firing.