With Breakbulk fast approaching in Houston, TX we realize networking with industry colleagues about safe practice and policy is only a portion of what we do. Putting it into action requires tons of communication and loads of experience in order to do it successfully every time.

Our Human Resources and Compliance Manager, Melissa Hovey contributed to a very important article in the Breakbulk Magazine about avoiding workplace injuries. Planning and execution are safety-driven areas of the company that we pride ourselves on and take very seriously to protect the plan, the cargo, and the public.

You can read the full article here.

Safety Meeting prior to a 10pm departure.

Safety Meeting prior to a 10pm departure.

Being Prepared

At Perkins STC, Compliance Manager Melissa Hovey said safety will always be top priority. Planning and preparation are imperative.

“We are a process-driven organization, and have developed and implemented processes that … ensure the safety of our crews, the general public, and the cargo …” she said. “We look at each project and every route (regardless of how many times we have used it) as a unique and new opportunity to continue to improve.”

Keeping its workforce in tip-top shape, Hovey said Perkins is committed to career-long training, in-field and in-classroom. It dedicates a field superintendent to accompany every project move, and teams carefully plan routes, permits and partnerships with state and local entities to ensure compliance while moving safely and expeditiously. A tailgate meeting is held daily to review routes and expectations, identify potential risks and discuss preventative measures to mitigate.

While these activities may not be unique, they are powerfully effective when coupled with the company’s stop-load policy. Any employee may stop the movement of a load, at any time, if they feel the safety of the public, themselves, their fellow team members, or the cargo is being compromised, said Hovey. Empowering employees to that level has helped Perkins earn its zero-accident designation.