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The company I’ve worked for over 45 years moved this monstrous load over the course of 2 night moves for a total of 15 hours of travel time, but we didn't do it alone!

Our overall dimensions were 215’7” long 21’ wide 24’10” high and 670,000 pounds. For those of you that don’t know, that is ALMOST 2 times the height of a regular semi truck, 3 times as wide as one, 4 times as long, and 5 times as heavy.

While it was big and heavy, there were enough tires under it to make the pounds per square inch be no more than a regular permitted load. 

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The BEST part of this move was that it was built in MINNESOTA by a MINNESOTA fabrication company owned by a MINNESOTA family, hauled by a MINNESOTA trucking company that’s owned and operated by a MINNESOTA family, with the help of many MINNESOTA support people, including MINNESOTA patrol and MINNESOTA utility personnel.  It was hauled to a MINNESOTA refinery that employs many MINNESOTANS and was set in place by a MINNESOTA crane company that is owned by a MINNESOTA family.  WOW! GO MINNESOTA!

Who would have guessed that Perkins STC would go from hauling oil, which we did until the early 70’s, to hauling this massive Fractionator to a refinery that processes and makes oil. It makes me so proud to part of this great organization, Perkins STC, owned by TJ Potter Trucking.

Thank you to all of you  that supported us: the state, counties, cities, utilities, our operations department, and our crew.

 We made the haul safely, legally, and uneventfully, while you were sleeping…

~Shelley Latham, Sales & Operations at Perkins STC.

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