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Perkins STC Moves Seven Engines in Michigan

Perkins STC was hired to haul seven (7) engines weighing 637,000 lbs each, 61 miles from a port in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the summer of 2018. The job took over a year and a half to plan due to the extreme dimensions and weight and three and a half weeks to complete. Multiple route surveys, feasibility studies, permitting authorities, third party support teams, and government entities were involved in the success of this move.


Planning with Experience

Our Project Coordinator, Hanna Barsness, has been with us for almost 8 months now, and while she’s had her fair share of tasks on the Operations team such as permitting, routing, and scheduling, it was time to get a taste of her own medicine. Hanna ventured into the field recently with her permits, her route, and her schedule. This type of experience allows her to make leaps and bounds with future planning initiatives and drive her success at Perkins, without a doubt. Join us in learning the importance of planning with hands-on experience, an option for all our employees in any department.

Oversize Load through Idaho [video]

Although we do disrupt normal traffic flow sometimes we know we can't do this without the HUGE help from the people of the state, cities, towns, and communities that we move through.

So, a THANK YOU is in order from us to you and yours.

Perkins Moves Oversize Tank Through Central Wisconsin

It's always interesting seeing vendors and customers cover our loads because we are so close to these projects that we forget to take a step back to admire the extreme coordination between the crews. 

Mud, Miles, and Mother Nature!

Perkins travels from Beaver Dam, WI to Bonnyville, Alberta Canada with a 5 piece move of large vessel evaporators. Heaviest piece 330,000lbs moved by Perimeter frame trailers and hydraulic platform trailers, in snow and subzero temperatures.

Check out the video: