At Perkins STC we talk about safety often, and then we talk about it some more. Safety doesn’t happen on it’s own and we believe that with the proper protocols, training, and priority, success is a direct result of being safe.  Safety is a necessary component of what we do and our customers demand it. Safe operation on public highways is an expectation for those that we share the roads with; after all, our families use the same roads that we do!

What does it mean to be safe?  Is it just another process or a requirement of some government bureaucracy?  Here is why safety, as a core element within a company, should be a standard to succeed in this industry and in any extreme work environment.

  • It is the right thing to do.  Safety is not just a fore thought it is what drives us. Each day, team members meet to discuss daily events, responsibilities, and goals. This provides a verbal and outlined understanding of the expectations ahead. Training is provided to employees in many formats to plan and execute oversize loads.


  • Our customers demand it.   Companies realize that being safe equates to dollars saved. Accidents and injuries are expensive and have the potential of damaging reputations and brands within a matter of seconds.
  • Our underwriters require it.  Risk mitigation is not only a process but also a commodity in today’s transportation market. Suppliers that do not operate safely will NOT survive in today’s business environment and neither will those that hire them.
  • Our ownership recognizes the need for it.  As an employee of this company I am grateful for the commitment to safe operational policies and processes provided.  The value that it brings to all of us that work on behalf of the Perkins brand is without question one of the greatest aspects of being associated with this company.

Equipment Assembly Bay at Northfield Operation Center in Northfield, MN (HQ)

  • Our employees deserve it.  We are entrusted with the care and protection of not only our customer’s cargo, but that of the well being of our employees, our customer’s personnel, and the general motoring public.  It is of paramount importance that our employees are given the best tools to provide the services that we sell into the marketplace through proper training, planning, equipment, and support. At any moment if anyone feels safety is being compromised or sees a potential for hazard, they can say "Stop, Stop, Stop" and everyone will cease operations until the situation is properly assessed and mitigated. Safety lies within the individuals just as much as the group. These actions could save lives and it’s important to have these types of opportunities in the workplace, since the environment in which we work is fast paced.
  • The law requires it.  Operating safely in compliance of federal and state laws and regulations is a cooperative effort on behalf of our industry. Our partnerships with state permitting offices, Department’s of Transportation, and as a member of the Specialized Carrier and Rigging Association’s Governing Transportation Group we are dedicated to drive progress, initiate change, and effect safety for the entire industry.
  • Lastly, it’s worth it. Being safe is not cheap, as there are significant costs to it, however, the price pales in comparison to the cost of one accident or injury.  We see it in the news every day or on the Internet when corners are cut or time or effort is not taken out of selfishness, impatience, or ignorance. What is the cost then? 

You are always assured when dealing with Perkins that safety is first and foremost on our minds. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or information that may help in conjunction with these discussions, please email us at We are happy to introduce all constructive recommendations to the proposal and get them in front of the committees dedicated to drive the progress and safety of our industry.

~Ray Morgan, VP of Sales & Governmental Affairs at Perkins STC

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