Size Challenges

Perkins has a long and rich history in the transportation industry that began way back in 1945. Since that time, the company has moved all manner of cargo over the road using legal and specialized highway transporters. While Perkins would have no problems in effectively managing the receipt and delivery of a packing list full of cargo to be moved by the Perkins team alongside a myrid of other companies, that is not our focus, not our core competency!

Unexpected Challenges

The Perkins Team was put to the test when hauling permits had been approved, one transporter had arrived to load, while another was en route for 5 big modules. Upon arrival it was discovered that the modules were taller and heavier than expected - in fact as much as 1' - 0" taller and 20% heavier than anticipated.

Roundabout Challenges

When a nuclear plant supplier needed "Absolutely, Positively" assurance for their outage at a nuclear power plant, they turned to Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting.

Since the power plant was located on an island, hauling to the site would require crossing a mile-long causeway bridge. Several firms were contacted to haul the 110-ton component, but none could obtain hauling permits. When Perkins got the call, the supplier had been convinced that only a costly and time-consuming hauling/barging combination effort would work.

Timeline Challenges

Perkins was contracted when an IL vessel fabricator needed to move a 270,000 lb grain-processing vessel to Keokuk, IA. Perkins Specialized Transportation Contracting is located within 600 miles of almost all these Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and other grain-based plants. And our unique transport equipment allows us to move large vessels through states with the most stringent superload requirements.

Port Challenges

As U.S. nuclear power plants rush to replace their reactor vessel heads, Perkins' equipment is delivering, as promised, these valuable and critical components. This 214,000 lb assembly was hauled from the Port of Houston, TX to Kewaunee Nuclear Station in Carlton, WI. Months of planning and engineering for our experienced crews and proper equipment made short, safe work of the 2,900+ mile journey in just 13 days.

Configuration Challenges

One of Perkins nuclear transportation success stories to be chronicled is the highway transportation of a new reactor vessel closure head (RVCH at 189,200 lbs with shipping dimensions of 17' - 2" diameter by 13' - 10 height. Built by a US nuclear component facility in Mount Vernon, IN for a French nuclear manufacturer, Perkins was contracted to perform the RVCH's delivery to the nuclear power plan in Avila Beach, CA situated on the Pacific Ocean about half way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.