Jobs from Hell - Is Any Carrier Immune?

At Perkins STC, we believe in the method to the madness, but unfortunately sometimes the madness wins no matter how hard we fight it! Our processes, no matter how sound and effective, no matter how pretty the paper is that we use, no matter how many times we’ve done this, there are shared risks due to circumstances beyond our control. This is just reality, but never the goal.


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Missouri Chamber of Commerce Drive Along

Superloads are big and often in the way, but they are necessary for growth of industry and the economy. Missouri is continuing the tough conversation of how regulations, restrictions, and aging infrastructure affect others and we appreciate their willingness to listen. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce asked if they could accompany us on a particular job that was bound for Missouri. They compiled a video trailer (full video to be published in May) and article with their findings (link below).

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Planning with Experience

Our Project Coordinator, Hanna Barsness, has been with us for almost 8 months now, and while she’s had her fair share of tasks on the Operations team such as permitting, routing, and scheduling, it was time to get a taste of her own medicine. Hanna ventured into the field recently with her permits, her route, and her schedule. This type of experience allows her to make leaps and bounds with future planning initiatives and drive her success at Perkins, without a doubt. Join us in learning the importance of planning with hands-on experience, an option for all our employees in any department.


What Are The Co$tly Truths About Moving High Loads

The toughest dimension for us to plan, permit, and execute is height.  Many of our loads easily reach signs, bridges, and wires and require more time to carefully attend to details associated with a high load.  It’s not just finding a route under or around low bridges, it's about mitigating height with the proper trailer and managing the support required from utility companies, bridge engineers, and railroad vendors in order to minimize the cost and scheduling impacts for our customers.


Safe Relocation of Three Containers

Planning for over three and a half years to ensure safe delivery from West Valley. Project complete. 📝  

Read more...http://energy.gov/em/office-environmental-management

Will We Ever Find Harmony Among State OS/OW Regulations?

We have been apart of a 2 year transportation research study to help detail and illustrate the challenges faced when permitting oversize and overweight loads across the United States. This project started in 2013 and the findings have recently been published by The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) on the Transportation Research Board's (TRB) website. 

Industry Recruiting

Perkins has its share of battles finding the right people who are cut out for our line of work. Some last a day and others make it their career. We are incredibly lucky and grateful to our crews who work long-hard hours, travel non-stop, and make safety a priority.

Peace & Joy 2016!

May your Holiday and New Year Delivery Peace and Joy to the Extreme!

From all of us at Perkins STC.

We appreciate all our industry connection, friends, and family and wish you all a safe season and year ahead!